Mikhael Bechelany (born in March 1979) obtained his PhD in Materials Chemistry from the University of Lyon (France) in 2006. His PhD work was devoted to the synthesis and characterization of silicon and boron based 1D nanostructures (nanotubes, nanowires and nanocables). Then, he worked as a post-doc at EMPA (Switzerland). His research included the fabrication of nanomaterials (nanoparticles and nanowires), their organization and their nanomanipulation for applications in different field such as photovoltaic, robotic, chemical and bio-sensing. In 2010, he became a Scientist at CNRS. His current research interest in the European Institute of Membranes (UMR CNRS 5635) in Montpellier (France) focuses on novel synthesis methods for metals and ceramics nanomaterials like Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), electrospinning and/or on the nanostructuring using nanospheres lithography, Graphene and Graphene like materials. His research efforts include the design of nanostructured membranes for health, environmental and renewable energy applications. This work has resulted in 93 publications, 20 conference papers, 3 book chapters, 3 patents, 20 invited conferences and seminars. He also participated in the organization of 6 conferences and he is the Co-founder of 2 Start-ups.