Julia Pérez-Prieto

Julia Pérez-Prieto received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Oviedo (Oviedo, Spain), where her research focused on diamination of olefins, supervised by Prof Barluenga Mur and Prof Gregorio Asensio Aguilar.  She is full Professor at University of Valencia since 2007 and the leader of the “Photochemical Reactivity Group” at the Molecular Science Institute (ICMol) of the University of Valencia. She is the President of the European Photochemistry Association since July 2016.

Dr Pérez-Prieto has authored over 150 papers, published in prestigious, high impact, peer-reviewed publications, such as Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemistry of Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Nanoscale, Small, Angewandte, Chemistry European Journal, Chemica Communications, etc. in the field of photochemistry, chemical reactivity, and nanomaterials. The research interests of Dr Pérez-Prieto are currently focused on the design and synthesis of new photoactive materials for application in sensing, photocatalysis, bioimaging, singlet oxygen generation, emissive devices, among others. Currently her group works with semiconducting nanoparticles (organolead halide perovskites), metal NPs (plasmonic AuNPs and gold nanoclusters), and upconversion NPs (NaYF4:RE; RE: rear earth). They have gained experience in the preparation of functional nanosystems based on these types of nanoparticles and now pursue to prepare more complex structures (multifunctional systems) based either on these materials or new type of photoactive NPs.